John O. Kollie is the Founder and Executive Director, of LMDI-
Liberia Media Initiative for Democratic Initiatives. He has been the
Executive Director of LMDI since its establishment.
Mr. Kollie is a Liberian journalist with more than 22 years hands
on experience in media work. He has received nationwide and
international recognition for his dedicated service to the media
from the Press Union of Liberia-PUL and the prestigious National
Endowment for Democracy-NED Fellowship from the International Forum for Democratic Studies in
Washington D.C. in 2006.
John has worked for several international media organizations such as: Radio France
International (RFI) as one of its senior English correspondents in West Africa, BBC World
Service Trust (WST) as one of the team of eight reporters from Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea
covering the trial of former Liberian president Charles Taylor at the UN backed Special Court for
Sierra Leone in the Hague. John has also been engaged with the Washington based "Search for
Common Ground", supervising media activities of the organizationís multi media Liberian project
called the Talking Drum Studio based in Monrovia. At the TDS in Liberia, he produced and
presented two key popular Talk shows: ONE STEP BEYOND and POLICY ISSUES. He was the
lead moderator of the 2005 Presidential and Legislative town hall debates sponsored by the E.C.
Bilateral and Carter Center. He works for the U.S. based accountability group, Global Integrity (GI).
and corresponds for Radio Netherlands.
John is an astute radio and TV program producer and presenter. Presently, he is the producer and
presenter of the LMDIíS DIALOGUE, an Outdoor Interactive Policy Dialogue Forum for Radio and
TV. Under his leadership, LMDI is making rapid progress and is implementing several development
oriented projects in partnership with foreign and local groups.
John O. Kollie holds a Bachelorís Degree in Management and Communication with many
certificates in journalism and media in peace building from institutions in West Africa and beyond .
About the Founder & Director
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