The Multiplier...LMDI launches new quizzing competition for 2018/2019

The Multiplier...LMDI launches new quizzing competition for 2018/2019

Friday November 2, 2018… The Liberia Media for Democratic Initiatives (LMDI), the facilitator of Liberia’s first set annual National General Knowledge, Spelling-B Competitions named and styled TOMORROW’S PEOPLE has  launched the newest of  its  initiatives,  Liberia’s first ever arithmetic or mathematics focused  media and community outreach blended knowledge based competition for primary school pupils named and styled the LMDI  National Multiplication Competition or simply “THE MULTIPLIER”  .                                                                                                        

The National Multiplication Competition or THE MULTIPLIER was launched at the Monrovia Christian Fellowship Center by Montserrado County Representative, Lawrence Morris with commitment to influence National Legislative support to the LMDI many initiatives targeting competition in the academia for excellence.
Morris told the  gathering of   at least 500   and  Primary and Secondary School Pupils that brain teasing competitions such as the ones   being  run by the LMDI needs national government support because rhey ignite and bring out the hidden knowledge talents in young people who are studious about the World around for the general good of their nation.                                                                                                                     
Representative Morris cautioned the students to take academic competitions seriously as they could as well open doors of opportunities that could for ever change their lives fir the better. He launched the MULTIPLIER with Seventy five Thousand Liberian Dollars.
Earlier LMDI Director John Kollie lamented the general lack of support for the National General K knowledge Pop Quizzing of several kinds launched by his organization since 2015, warning that the LMDI may be forced to shut down all the academic competitive initiatives being run by the group any time soon because of the lack of support to continue.

The launch of the MULTIPLIER witnessed the first set of seven multiplication of number games amongst 14 primary sessions of schools from across Monrovia and environs.
The newly launched National Multiplication Competition will deal with and feature school kids from GRADE 1-6 in fierce weekly multiplication of numbers at their level as a way of enhancing their natural multiplication skills.
The competition will bring face to face primary schools across the nation at county and national levels to battle out their ways in game style competitive exchanges around Liberia.                                                                                                                                    
The MULTIPLIER is the LMDI’s newest innovation and addition to its already established set of annual general knowledge quizzing competitions, encompassing general knowledge quizzing, debates and SPELLING –B for primary, Junior and Senior high school pupils across the nation.
The launch of THE MULTIPLIER was also accompanied by the resumption of YEAR THREE of the LMDI National Academic Challenge Competition (NACC) or National Quizzing.                                                                                                                             
With the Multiplication THE MULTIPLIER on Wednesday of this week and the resumption of the National Quizzing, all competitions under the LMDI are now entering their county level qualifiers around the nation beginning with Sinoe County and the rest of the South Eastern Counties beginning early to late November. The Qualifiers will be  looking for county and regional level qualifiers for eventual National champions in the various competitions.                                                                                                          
Since the LMDI launched the National Academic Challenge Competitions, it has largely financed it has barely received support, except for a 2016 partnership with the Liberia Ghana Missions (L-GM) and the Liberia Bank fir Development and Investment (LBDI) which provided partial material and financial support then.
The LMDI has successfully conducted two years of the competitions involving an annual average of 350 schools in all counties of Liberia with the broadcast of the games on its partner network of 45 National and Community Radio and TV  stations across the nation.                                                                                                                                  
For this year considered YEAR THREE, the LMDI needs the annual budgetary average of 120 thousand U.S. Dollars to conduct the three sets of competitions; the General Knowledge Quizzing for High Schools and the Spelling –B and Times Table or arithmetic or THE MULTIPLIER for elementary schools around the nation. The LMDI has since launched the YEAR THREE, but its progression has being hindered by the lack of money this year to continue.                                                                                               
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John O. Kollie                                                 

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